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Women in the Middle Ages


Life in the Middle Ages was very different than life now. The people lived very differently than how we do today. If you are interested in women in the Middle Ages and how they were treated, how they lived, and what life was like for them, read here.


Getting Married


In the Middle Ages, when a woman got married, there were a lot of different laws and ways, compared to the ones of today. When a girl got married, she had to have a wealthy family; this was because it brought important families together. A girl didn’t get to choose who she married, unless she was poor. The parents arranged the marriages of their children. Love wasn't an issue. The only way that you could ever marry someone that you truly loved is if you were a poor girl. This was because it didn’t matter whom poor people married because they weren’t important. Many young girls became widows because their husbands were killed in battle. Most women would have to find another husband to take care of her and her family.




In the Middle Ages, there was a look that everyone wanted. They wanted to be slim, have long, golden hair, dark eyebrows, and small, gray eyes. All of the women in the Middle Ages wanted to be pale. Some of the women put powder on their faces to make them look paler, but some women would cut their wrists until they thought that they looked pale enough. They did not realize there were dangers doing this, for intense in some powders they was unknown lead. This lead made them sick and was sometimes fatal. They also didn’t know that cutting your wrists was very dangerous and they could die


Women in Towns


Women in towns weren’t very wealthy, and they weren’t very important because of it. Most of the women would do things for the wealthier women, like cook, clean, sew, etc. Other women would go door-to-door selling different types of products like food, clothing, dye, etc. Women in towns learned this from their mothers and fathers, and if they hadn't learned how to do these things they wouldn’t have any money to live off of. You may think that the men were supposed to bring home the goods, but a woman without a husband would have to get the goods herself.


Educating Women


Back in the Middle Ages it was very hard to educate girls, but if you had a wealthy family you could have a great education. If you didn’t have a wealthy family it was very unlikely that you had a good education, or even had one. The reason why girls in the Middle Ages weren’t educated very well was because people thought that only a boy’s education was important, and there was nothing that any girls could do to change that.


Clothing For Women

All of the clothing that women wore was made by hand. They usually made their clothing by spinning and weaving. Women wore tunics that went down to their ankles, linen under-tunics, woolen over tunics and often a wool cloak if they were going to be outside; this depended on how much money they had. Women also sometimes wore woven tights or socks on their legs, but they never wore pants. The majority of Feudal Peasants wore loose linen or wool tunics. They got their material from the animals that they hunted.

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