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Witchcraft was feared throughout Europe...




People have come to believe that witches dress in black. They wear long, black necklaces and lots of big silver rings and bracelets. When someone dresses up as a witch on Halloween, usually they like to add a special effect of green hair. That's not true; it is common to have black hair. If a witch did work for the devil they were said to carry marks on their bodies, a witch mark could be a mole, a freckle, a scar, a birthmark, a wart, a spot, or even skin discoloration. Women usually got examined and if they did have a mark, no matter how innocent, they would be claimed guilty. Then they would be sent to be executed with one of many methods used by the executioner.




Witches are not born with their magical powers. Witches can gain them by learning or by experience. Witches sometimes can gain them by literally begging the devil himself. People believe that if you are the seventh son/daughter of a seventh son/daughter you will have a special talent for making spells.




In the middle Ages, if you were caught worshiping devils, you would get an extreme punishment. In small villages a common form of punishment would be a witch burning at stake. After she was burned it was common that she be hung. Witchcraft spread quickly. The bigger the town was, the worse the punishment would be. They had better equipment so it let to a slower and more painful death.




To test if someone was a witch, they would use something called a medieval ducking stool. They would strap whom they suspected into a chair and lower it into the water. They believed if someone was really a witch they would survive this procedure. If they did survive they would be killed. If innocent you would drown. Innocent, but dead...

Another way, that I heard, to test a person if they are a witch is to put someone on top of a hole and, this is koo-koo, put a heavy rock on top of them. And if they survive, then they are a witch. If they die, then there innocent. Again, Innocent, but dead...


Famous Witches


Two famous witches were Baba Yuga and Circe. Baba Yuga is a Russian cannibal witch who likes to eat children. Once she captures a child she will cook and eat them. She likes to crunch on there bones. Circe is the daughter of the Greek sun god, Helios. Circe can turn sailors into animals using her enchantment.




In witchcraft there are two different types of magic. Black Magic and White Magic. White Magic has Christian Symbolism. It is used for spells like love, health, good luck, and wealth. Witches who studied white magic could turn metal into gold and they searched for cures for illness. Black Magic is associated with the devil. People think it caused bad luck, accidents, illness, and death.




The religion that witches followed was called Wicca. Wicca is still around today. The Wicca symbol is a star with a circle around it. Wicca could be both good and bad. Wicca is not a very popular religion but yet people still practice it.

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