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Medieval Weaponry


The Medieval Siege Tanks of War


The Ballista -

A large, crossbow-like weapon that fires a missile the size of a man in the form on an oversized spear. They were used mainly for breaking down the walls of castles or shot randomly into huge hordes of men to simply impale as many as possible.


The Catapult -

An upright contraption that had a long arm with a bucket on one end to hold large rocks and even dead bodies that were thrown at or over a castle's walls. They were also used so throw rocks into invading armies mass of soldiers. in some of these catapultes they would place a ball of hay and light it on fire then fire it.


The Mangonel -

Being very similar to the catapult, this weapon was also used much in the same places and used for the same battle purpose. It was relatively smaller than the catapult, being easier to transport on the battlefield, taking littler time to set up and having a bigger number of locations to be set up in.

The Siege Tower -

Designed to look like a giant rectangle standing on end that protects a attacking army from arrows, rocks and other air missiles thrown at them. They were usually sent forth against castles weakest walls for the simple fact that these towers could only stand so much punishment.




Hand-to-Hand Combat Weapons


Used by all sorts of people including soldiers, knights and generals along with some common people for simple protection. The most common types of swords were:


The Shield -

Used along side with almost any type of sword like the long sword, short sword, rapier or even a dirk sometimes. Shields can vary in size, weight and the design or crest upon the front of the shield. Some of these more complex shields even have a holder where they would place their sword. Usually shields only consist of a simple piece of metal with either leather or hide covering. But them there are those special shields that are used in ceremonies that belong to great knights and nobles. Sords also came in a different veriaty of types such as size, wieght,desgin and even perpose


The Bow and Arrow -

A quick and lethal weapon. A choice weapon by most rangers, trackers, hunters, archers and/or guards within cities. Their only real use in armies/wars was to pick off unsuspecting units of cavalry and foot soldiers. The archors would stand on the walls manor walls and fire at enamies.


The Lance -

Carried by knights and minor nobles and used in tournaments called jousting matches. They were rarely used in actual combat such as wars, but there are some records of them being used to fend off unwanted guests.

The Fists -

Somtimes if Kinghts/Nobles were strong enough, they would somtimes use there fists for a real "hand-to-hand" combat. Knights would use fists for mostly in tornaments. Say if the opponent knocked your sword out of your hand, then you could just start pounding them into the ground! Using firsts are not the best way to fight because the enemy could just chop your hands off and then what! You will have to start whaling on them with whats left of your hands...

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