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Weapons and Armor used in Ancient Rome

* Spears

* Bows and Arrows

* Maces

* Catapults

* Javelin

* Fire

* Swords

* Chariots

* Shields

* Armour

* Chalk

* Axes

* Tridents

* Wooden shields

* Helmets

* Face masks

* Cross bows

* Metal Spikes

* Wooden Spikes

The Power Of Rome

Rome was a very powerful empire. They had strong armies, organized into legions. Legions were sorted into a group of soldiers of about 60 to 120 soldiers. The Etruscans built a number of cities, surrounded by a thick wall. This wall was used to keep unwanted characters out of their empire. The Romans, being so powerful conquered several Etruscan cities. Rome was so powerful that Hannibal, a general, that attacked the Romans, was unable to conquer Rome because he and his troops couldn't get over the huge wall built around the empire. The reason they couldn't get over the wall was because they didn't have enough heavy equipment. Hannibal and his troops roamed the countryside of southern Italy for 15 years. Hannibal lost his first battle when Rome attacked Carthage.



What The Weapons In Rome Were Used For

Romans used a lot of weapons. They used them for things like battling, and gladiatorial games. People in the gladiatorial games would use these weapons to defend themselves, and to fight with. Rome was all about honour. Romans battled with these weapons. They would use catapults in big battles, and they would carry wooden sticks, that were lit on fire. With these weapons, Rome was a successful empire because they never lost a battle, and their armies were very organized and knew what they were doing. Romans had high-class weapons. Armour was worn to protect the soldiers from the other armies’ weapons/warfare. The 'Custos Armorum' was in charge of the weapons/warfare and equipment. Romans had a military building where they borrowed weapons from wherever they could find them. The Roman armies moved on foot to where they were battling. The Roman military was responsible for protecting the vast territory of the Roman Empire, and they succeeded! In the Coloseum the people that weren't gladiators had chariots. Sometimes the gladiators killed the people. But the chariots had spikes on the wheels to cut the gladiators legs off. They had maces to swing at people and hit them. Bows and Cross Bows were to shoot people from a long distance. They had javelins to kill people and use them as spears.




Gladiators would fight for the emperor in a way to entertain all the people.

They had metal maces to kill people with. They swung them around on chains and they hit people and did a lot of damage to the person. They had swords too. They cut people with the swords and killed them. They had spikes on the wheels of the chariots to cut peoples legs off when they got close to the chariot. They used wooden shields to protect themselves. Arrows stick into the shields because they are wooden but it still protects the people. They also had metal shields, but they mostly used the wooden shields because they were lighter than the metal.

The Caesar would make the gladiators fight people when they wanted them to die. They would have lions in the Coloseum so that the person they want killed would be fought close enough to the lions so they could grab them. Sometimes a lucky man would kill a lion but it was rare to happen. All of these men were slaves but were called gladiators. They were made to do this. They had to earn the emperors likings so they could be freed.

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