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Vikings in Feudal Europe


Weaponry (offence)


In the Middle Ages, Vikings used swords, axes, spears, bows and arrows for weapons. Every Viking carried a knife around their waist when they went into battle. They would use their sword, axe, knife, and spear in close combat.




The vikings most uded defence was the shield. The shield was made up of solid wood. It was usually shaped in a circular shape except for the odd kite shaped ones. Some shields were covered raw hide and leather. All of the shields were covered with simple patterns. Really rich Vikings owned shields with speacial decorations like gold, silver, rubies and diamonds. These shields had a hole on the middle of them. The hole was covered up with an iron boss. This boss is dome shaped so the inside is hollow, also in the inside of the boss is the handle.

The Viking helmet was a great necesety for the Viking defense besides the shield. Viking helmets were not like any of the other helmets during the Middle Ages. They were heavily armored with 3 to 5 layers of iron. The paintings of the gods on their helmets made them very special. The Viking helmet was made of iron and was sometimes the shape of a rounded peak. They usually had a guard around the eyes and nose. Most helmets in the begging of the Middle Ages the helmets were just an iron dome with a nose guard. There is no evidence that the Viking helmets had horns. Inside the helmet was sometimes a leather suspension system to absorb the blows of attacks, and the sweat so it doesn’t rust the helmet from the inside. This was very important to the Vikings because sometimes if the helmet rusted a single blow could destroy the helmet.

Some special helmets had an iron mail curtains to protect the neck. A normal helmet was roughly around 2.4kgs and a helmet with a chain mail is about 6kgs. These curtains were also very important because the neck was such an important part of the body to protect. Some helmets had pictures of gods on the side of their helmets because they thought that the gods would help them in battle. Some of their gods are Loki, Thor, and Odin. They believed in the gods so much that they would kill them selves to honour the gods.






Vikings attacked villages and stole their stuff, and they killed everything in their path. Vikings burnt down whatever towns they went through, and took surviving women with them for their pleasure. By the time the towns were burnt down, you were up to your ankles in blood from all of the slaughtering. Another reason the Vikings were successful was because they had light, quiet boats that would float down rivers to reach the villages to receive what they were looking for. These invasions were called raids.




Vikings traveled mostly by boat/ship and almost never on foot. The reason they traveled in boats was because most of the towns were near water. The towns were near water so that when the goods arrived, they could have access to them. They also traveled by boat because it was the fastest way there was, since there were no vehicles.


The Tricks


The Vikings tricked the people to go to Greenland. They said it was very nice there, but really it was very cold and icy there. There was lots of ice there and barley any vegetation, but since they were already there, there was no way back. They left the people there, then left.





Vikings even though they where really strong they also did sneak attacks by traveling up stream and surprising there enemies. Vikings travelled up stream in their boat. Vikings used a variety of weapons used to fight and kill villagers.|

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