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Today's Society

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Today's housing has more higher standards of technology. Today we have windows and doors. We don't have to use ladders to climb through the roof. The windows have glass to keep in the heat. They have four walls that are stronger. The houses are bigger too. We have electricity now to keep us warm. We have solid roofs to keep rain and snow out. our shelters are strong for our weather conditions too. We also have insulation in the walls to keep in the heat. The houses have support beams so it can be bigger. We also have running water and plumbing. If we didn't we would have to walk far distances to get water and boil it to clean it. Our society would be dirty if we didn't have plumbing either. In houses they usually have a kitchen, living room, bathroom, basement/upstairs or both and a few bedrooms.



These days we have lots of different jobs to keep our society going. Like we have store clerks to give us food. We have the government to keep everything oganized. We also have docotors and nurses to help us when we are sick or hurt. We have dentists to take care of our teeth too. Firemen put out fires so people don't die or get hurt. Police keep criminals off the street. We have lots of different jobs these days and all of them are important.


Food Gathering

Some people have jobs to grow the food for everyone in the country. When they are finished growing the food they end up transporting it up to stores where we have to buy the food. People grow lots of different types of food. Some people also make the food like cookies or something like that. Other things like milk comes from animals. Food is grown in warmer areas and farmland that's the main reason people grow for a whole country. Other we would all live on farmland and the world would kind of over populate.




Culture in societies today are the same in some ways but are different as well. For example people in North America are called North Americans becuase of their language, the music they listen to, the tv they watch and the things they read are different than what they did in North America in the past. Lots of traditions that we have today are from things in the past. Cultures are chaning everywhere. Today we can get products from China, Japan, and different countries.





Todays education is from Kindergarten to grade 12 in school.After that you go off to College or University if you choose to. You can go to University or College for whatever you choose to do. After University or College you can get a job. You have to work and put time and effort into your work so you can pass and get a good educated job that can support you. You have a job, but only until you are finished University or College. You then go and find a job that you were educated to do. Education today is better then before. Before they used to teach kids the basics like how to gather food and other stuff. Now they teach us math, L.A. and S.S. We need these things for later on in our lives when we get jobs interveiw etc..

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