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The Nile River

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The Nile River

The Nile River is a river that is found in the Northeast of Africa, which is in Egypt. The Nile River is famous for it's beauty and it's length. The length of the Nile is 6695 km or 4184 miles. This travels from south to north. Granite, sandstone, and limestone tower both sides of the Nile Valley. In the Nile Valley which is along the Nile river. The Nile Valley is 10 miles across the Nile. In the Nile Valley gets watered from the Nile river every middle of July and ends in October or November. The Egyptians controlled the Nile by building a system of dams and ditches to drain the extra water that floods the land each year. There is a certain chemical that helps grow the fruit and vegetables that the farmers grow in the Nile Valley. The fruits and vegetables that they grow in the Nile Valley are pomegranates, figs, watermelons, dates, cucumbers, sweet melons, and grapes. The Nile flows for 1000 (thousand) kilometers. The Nile River is the longest river in the world. Many humans and animals live around the Nile River and the valley. Farmers started to move into the Nile Valley in 5500 B.C. Egyptians lived in the Delta area also. The Nile was used for transportation of boats. These boats would travel the people and products that they needed from other places. The Nile helped carry very large stones to build the pyramids. The Nile also protected them from trespassers. They would poor certain oils onto the boat and then they would start them on fire and push them down the Nile to keep enemies or trespassers away.

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