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Spain And Portugal Colonization of Brazil

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- in the rainforest in brazil.

- The tribe is called the Dayak tribe

- Found in brazil/Peru.

- My Characters name is Kachina witch means sacred dancer, spirit.

- The Dayak tribes of Central Kalimantan are settled along the Lamandau river.

- the transportation is more limited.

- The year is 1503 - 1518.

- The tribe chief's name is Chaamongwi, which means chief.

- I look after children and watch for ships.

- My best friend is the chiefs first daughter tannis.





- live in Madrid, Spain

- my characters name is Phillip Jefferson

- his house is in the trade district

- Joseph Bonaparte, the king

- the year is 1503 - 1518

- Have a wife and 2, coming soon, kids

- I am the ship's chef for the military

- I am against slavery

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