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Social Structure

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Women and Children


Women and children gathered most of the food. They collected berries, nuts, and fruit. They took eggs out of bird and turtle nests. They poked sticks into bee nests/hives to get honey. They also used the sticks

to dig roots from the ground. Also the women taught the girls how to sew and which food was good to pick. Boys set up traps around the campsite.




Men of the band did the hunting. Since their only weapons were sticks and stones, they usually only hunted small

animals. Once in a while, though, they were able to kill a larger animal that was too old or too badly hurt to run

away. A good kill meant that the band would have enough food for several days. Men also taught the boys how to hunt.


What ancient human groups were like


The people lived in small bands, or groups, of about twenty members. When food supply was good, the bands grew as

large as forty or fifty. Almost none of the band members were more than thirty years old. More than half of the

children born into a band died from illnesses or were killed by animals before their first birthday.






Everyday Social Structure


-The social structure of a group will determine if a group will survive.

-For all groups, social structure was a massive part of their lives.

-Each of these groups of ancient people lived together in groups of about twenty to forty people called bands. The size of the band depended upon the amount of food avaliable. Small groups banded together for protection and efficiency.

-The people within a band were very close, and worked and lived together, and shared food. When injured or sick, they would care for one another.

-At night, the people gathered around the fire, and shared stories of the day's hunts and activities.

-Women and men had different jobs: the main job of the women and children was to gather food. They gathered items such as roots, honey from bee nests/hives, bird and turtle eggs, berries, and nuts! The men did the hunting and fishing. Since they had very basic weapons, they killed only small animals. Once in a while, though, they could kill a big animal. Therefore, the bigger the animal meant the more food for the group. They would fish by laying on a rock. Their hands dangled in the water, so when a fish came, they would feel it. They would then grab it and thrust it out of the water.

-They had fire-making skills, and this improved their lives.


Why Social Structure was so Important


-The social structure of these groups was centered around getting food and working together to survive.


Religious Beliefs for Social Structure


-They buried their dead with a ceremony, which suggests they may have had religious beliefs. They also decorated dead

bodies with paint, which was also centered around religion, or it may have been for beauty.


Food for Social Strucure


-Their social structure was not centered around a struggle for survival as much as the other groups because they were

skilled hunters.

-The Homo Sapiens Sapiens were very capable hunters and gatherers, so less time was spent hunting and getting food.

-Eventually, this group began to grow crops, tame wild animals for farm animals, and start farms! This led to communities.


Social Structure Housing


-This group of people began to build permanent homes. In the winter, this group lived in communal huts that were made

from branches and mammoth bones, covered with animal skins. Those huts were built to hold a small group of people, but

long huts were built with several entrances with room for several fires. These long huts could hold an entire tribe! In

the summer, the people would follow the herds and lived in tents that could be moved from place to place. As winter

rolled around again, they would return to their communal huts.


Ancient Human Groups' Social Structure


-The Homo Sapiens used caves as their homes, and lived together in groups.

-The Hominids, Homo Habilis, and Homo Erectus' social structure was very similar.

-The social structure of the Hominids, Homo Habilis, and Homo Erectus was basically the same. With the Homo Sapiens

and Homo Sapiens Sapiens, the social structure is a bit different, and a little more advanced.

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