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Slaves went to the market almost every day. They did all the shopping, but sometimes the women would come as well. At the market they picked up all the food they would need for that day. They usually picked up wine, bread, cheese, cold meats, fruit, and nuts.

Cooking was a main thing slaves did. They cooked at least three main meals a day: breakfast, dinner and supper. They cooked for everyone in the household. Sometimes they would need to make extra food for company and parties. They would make snacks throughout the day, but they usually got to choose what they were cooking. They had to make larger meals that were able to fill up the men, and the meals were supposed to be healthy.




Cleaning was the biggest thing that slaves did. They cleaned from the time they got up until after supper. They had to clean the women's dresses by hand. They would have to make all the beds, clean up the kitchen and the living room, and help the children study and with work. Slaves rarely got time to themselves, and they did everything for everyone else. They had strict rules that had to be followed. Slaves would also have to run a bath for everyone in the household. They did all of the laundry, not just the dresses. This was all done by hand, and they didn't have good cleaners like we do today; it was some soap, water and a rag. It wasn't as easy.




The slaves usually had different clothing than the wealthy people. Slaves had dresses and material on their head sometimes. They wore plain brown sandals, while some wore nothing. Their dresses were plain colours, and were just straight down. They did not have fancy designs like the wealthy did. After a while their dresses would rip, or get ratty. They could not get a new dress whenever they wanted; they needed money, and sometimes had to wait for a special occasion to come up. Things were not easy to get in the Middle Ages.


How Slaves Became Slaves


Most slaves became slaves by choice back then. If their family was not able to be supported, and they needed some extra money, the woman of the house was able to sell herself into slavery. Some would sell their young daughters into slavery, if they were unable to feed her and give her the things she needed. Most slaves were white, and black people were freer. There were some black people as slaves though.

You also became a slave if you did something wrong and against the law, usually when you against the law you were a slave till your punishment. If you were to disobey the rules you would be sent to a slave market and sold into slavery. A lot of slaves were not paid, but some were. Most who went into slavery by choice was paid. If the people you worked for were not satisfied with what you did, then you would be able to get sold once again.

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