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Roman Buildings

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- Seats 50 000 people.

- 48 Meters High.

- 188 meters long.

- 156 metres wide.

- Wooden arena floor is 86m x 54m.

- 80 entrances at ground level.

- The entire base of the Colosseum covers an area of 160 00 metres squared.



- The interior is a perfect circle. The Diameter and height are exactly the same, 48 metres.

- The Walls are 6.05 thick.

- The hemispherical dome has the skylight oculus of 8.9 metres in diameter.

- The facade was set facing north.

- The Porch was set on the site occupied by the original temple and the large rotunda coincided with the open area in front.

- Two red granite columns each ate set behind the first, third, sixth, and eighth column if the facade, this forming three aisles.

- The central aisle, which is the widest, leads to the entrance.

- The side aisles end in two large niches destined for the statues of Agrippa and Augustus.

- Behind the porch is a massive construction in brick, which joins it to the Rotonda, a gigantic cylinder with a wall that is six metres.


Temple of Venus and Roma

- 110 metres in length.

- 53 metres in width.

- It was placed on a stage measuring 145 m in length and 100 m in width.

- It consisted of two main chambers. They were placed symmetrically back-to-back. Each chamber had four columns at the entrance. All very imposing to see.


Roman Baths

- 225 metres long.

- 185 metres wide.

- 38.5 metres high.

- Close to aqueducts.

- Filled up to 10 000 square metres.


Circus Maximus

- The track was 600 metres in length.

- 225 metres in width.

- Held 150 000 spectators.

- Track held 12 chariots.

- Surrounding the track was the Euripus 10 feet wide and 10 feet deep.

- Protected people from animals.

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