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on January 18, 2006 at 2:15:25 pm

Mummification is very important to Egyptian religion. They put a long metal stick with a hook on the end that they jamd up ther noses and broke the craniem and took the brains out throught the nose. They put a single insistion on the left side and took out all the organs exept for the heart becouse they will need that in the after life. Then the body was filled with salt and dryed out. Then they wraped him in 12 diffrent layers of linin cloth. The number of caskets depends on the person.When they were put in their tomb they had their solid gold boats ,food ,their cats ,and all their gold and other stuff. Then once the stuff was in their they selled it up for what was supose to be all eternity.

Egyptians beleived that the soul was made up of 3 parts. If one part died then all of them did. the 3 parts were called the Ba, Ka and the Akh. Ba was a human headed bird. Ka was a double of the person and Akh represented immortality. There were many gods that the Egyptians beleived in. There was a god named Amon and he was the king of all the gods. Another god was named Anubis and he was the jackal god of mummification. Atum was a god of the sunset. Heh was the god of infinity. These are just some of the gods that ancient Egyptians beleived in.

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