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The pharoah was a very important person in Egypt they made lots of the desicions in Egypt. When ever they would go into town the people of the town or city would eather neal down and smell the earth or they would bend and kiss the pharaohs feet. Pharaohs were very wealthy they keep all the money in all of Egypt. When they die they get berried in big pyramids or tumes.


At first Paraohs were called kings but then they changed it to Pharaohs meaning "great house" The Egyptians believed that the Pharaoh was the center of their earth and that they were the only God. When the pharaohs died they got berried in the tumes with there jewlery, cloths, furniture, food, jugs of wine, and dishes. The Pharaohs could do what they want when they wanted. If he wanted your farm and if you didnt give it up he would probably kill you and if you did give it up then hopefully he would leave you alone. The people of Egypt believed that what happened to Egypt depended on the Pharaohs actions. The Pharaohs were treated with great respect, if somebody treated the Pharaoh with disrespect the the Pharaoh would kill them or they would make them go to jail for the rest of their lives and then they would die in jail.


The Pharaoh also chose all the government officials and the craftsmen. At one time there was more then one Pharaoh. One was from Upper Egypt and one was from lower Egypt soon the Pharaoh from upper Egypt attacked Lower Egypt and became the mane Pharaoh.

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