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Mythical Creatures

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Mythical Creatures




Why did the people of feudal Europe want to make these mythical creatures up?


Well we believe that the people from the feudal times made up these creatures to scare other people away from there castles and villages. They would sometimes spread the word that creatures usually had have been spotted in the area to scare people. Another reason was for a challenge or to prove bravery. An example people would say there was a dragon and a knight would claim that he would kill the enormous, ferocious beast with his sword to show his bravery and strength and he would be honored by all. Also one of the many reasons was that these creatures were made up was because they wanted to believe something miraculous was happening in there village or for a religious reason. An example would be a griffin that is a church symbol and people would say one would appear in the area or is in the area when a religious event is or is going to happen. You mostly saw a griffin as a gargoyle on a church or building.


Some listed mythical creatures:



There are many types and names for different mythical creatures, here are a few I had chosen to research.

The one mostly known mythical creature is the dragon. In the west it was known to be ferocious and only the bravest and strongest nights could fight them. The second creature I have chosen in the

Basilisk. The basilisk is one of my favourite. It is part rooster/ chicken and half serpent; you are probably thinking this is just going to be a little harmless creature. In fact, people were terrified if they would run into one of these creatures they were believed to be about 12 inches tall and they could scorch bushes, burst rocks just by there breathe and could kill a single man only with one glance...




I think this is defiantly one of the most interesting creatures. The hydra. What does this make you think of? The first thing I thought of was hydro. Then I thought of hydro poles and electricity, and how hydro has a big impact on our lives, they let us receive light ect. but mostly power. Power is what I would describe a hydra as. There are many stories of the hydra a one mostly common is the Greek legend of how Hercules after a long battle had finally killed a terrifying hydra. What is so special about the hydra is that is that the legend goes whenever a head of the hydra is removed several grow back in its place. The hydra is mostly known to have from 5-6 heads but some stories say that the hydra was “seen” to have 50 heads.




Griffins were animals that were half lion, half eagle. It mostly shows up in times of strong religion. Griffins were mostly believed to be very religious creatures. Since religion was very strong in the Middle Ages, everyone was in some kind of religion, so almost everyone believed in griffins. Griffins would have a body of a lion, but they would have wings on their back. The face was an eagle face and they had the tail of a lion.



The basilisk is an animal that was the King of the Snakes and the most poisonous creature on earth. The basilisk’s appearance has always been a mystery because there is no way that you could look at one and survive (you would turn to stone if you did). But we do think that the basilisk had the head and legs of a chicken, a snake-like tail, and a body like a bird’s. But there are also many different versions of this monster, such as just a simple, 50 ft long snake, a snake’s head attached to a bird’s body that could only be hatched from a chicken egg that was incubated by a frog.



A dragon was a very dangerous creature to encounter in the Middle ages. Some say they could fly, breath fire and had other special powers. A lot of non-believers say the dragons are not real and are in fact a dinosaur or a huge lizard that people exaggerate about when they encounter it.They hpotheis that they think how dragons breathed fire is that it has methane in its stomach, also they tink this ables they to float or fly. A "dragon" usually has four legs but could also just fly around with none, scales, claws and sometimes spikes on its back. There was also somewhat of a legend of people riding these gigantic lizards known as dragon riders. Even though this story is completely bogus, it is cool to think that people might have actually ridden these awesome creatures.

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