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Monuments were a big part of ancient Egypt. Some monuments were made to worship gods, pharaohs, ect.


There was a monument called Abu Simbel, Temple of Ramses 2. It looks basically like four people sitting down next to each other. This was made so the sun rays would only enter the chamber twice a year. On these two days a year, the sun would shine onto the statues of the gods that were inside the chamber. Abu Simbel was made in a civilization called Nubia. It was made in honor of Ramses 2's favourite wife, Nefertari. It is the most most famous Nubian temple. It had been taken apart, reestablished on higher grounds, and restored so that it would last longer.


Another monument in Egypt was a statue of the god Horus. It just looks like two pharoahs sitting next to each other. Horus usually took form of the falcon. He was the son of the god called Osiris. Horus was worshiped in purely falcon form, but with with a hawk headed man equiped with a bow and arrow and a spear next to him. The statue was found in a pit in the King Valley Temple. It is now one of the many exhibits in an Egyptian museum in Cairo.


A different monument in Egypt was the Sphinx. The Sphinx had a body of a lion, and the head was resembled the Pharaoh Khafre. THe Sphinx was built because Khafre was a powerful Pharaoh, and he wanted Egyptians to remember him.

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