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Medieval Entertainment

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Medieval Entertainment




For my Social Studies project, I did research on Entertainment in the medieval days and wow! They had some wacky stuff to do for entertainment.


Peasant entertainment

In the olden days people had a variety of different things to do for entertainment. Peasants work and work and work all day but when the day is gone and the night has come, its time for them to have a little fun. Peasants, back then would like to dance, play music, read only a couple of people could such as bishops They also liked to sing, gamble and mostly gardening. But wait, there’s more!


Knights, Nobles and Kings


Knights, nobles and kings had way more things to enjoy in the castle and out doors. Knights would learn to teach falcons, or hawks, to hunt, entertain others and would play chess on cold winter days. Kings enjoyed jesters the most, a jester was a person you entertained the king with funny plays jokes and some learned to do acrobatic tricks. Jesters clothing are usual frilled clothes with bells on them. The most important thing a jester had to do was make the king laugh or he’ll be put in the dungeon or worse... they sometimes beheaded!


Fairs and Feasts


Now I’ll take you to see the fairs and feasts of the Medieval Times. On special occasions, people would have sit back and have fun to celebrate births, a holy-day (holiday), and a party or even to just have a little fun once in a while. At feasts, the king, his nobles, princes, princesses, the queen and other important people would sit down at a table and have a Feast of a thousand hands!. Not really again. While they ate, musicians would play their music, jesters would fool around and dancers would prance around the room. Now the people are out side and enjoying the sound of the birds chirp, the sound of the moat water flowing and the


Sound of the Fair


The fairs are really nice to enjoy. It would be just like a feast except no big table with no big feast. There was plenty to do there like listening to music, dance and prance around, little games for kids to play like hockey or just push a hoop with a stick down a old dirt road. Besides all of that, nothing could beat an old fashion tournament. In the tournaments, nobles and knights would gather and fight each other, head-to-head, in games like melee battles and jousting and would try to kill one another. The tournaments were mostly for show and to see who the better knight was. But, the tournaments were really costly. Knights and horses died weapons and armours were ruined.


Story telling


Story telling was important to the medieval family. Stories were sometimes the only way to news. They can be told while doing handcrafts, or in the short rest before peasants went back to the harvest.

Visitors would be asked to tell stories also in a way of sharing news. Stories about the kings and nobles would inform the peasants in villages about a monarch they also might never be able too see themselves. Very few medieval peasants could read, so it was very important to tell stories of your own and your history so that it would be remembered. Adults told stories to children to teach them about respect and how to behave.


Well that’s the end of me talking about my project. Hope you enjoyed it!


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