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Markets and City Life

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People in Ancient Egypt travelled by feet. They used their two feet to walk around in city life. They walked around and looked at what people were selling. They used boats to transport goods to the Markets in the City. The first boats in Ancient Egypt were rafts. The rafts were made of tightly woven papyrus reeds. Guiders would use poles to guide the rafts through shallow water. Later, the Egyptians attached a mast and square sail to their boats. These ships also had oars for power in calm weather and for maneuvering around docks. Further in time, the Egyptians built larger boats to ply trade routes on the Mediterranean Sea. Some of them were 180 feet long and 60 feet wide. They travelled by boat on the Nile River.



Ancient Egyptian people could get many jobs such as scribes, "Servants of the Gods", doctors, merchants, and many,many more. A Scribe was a person who were also called "recordkeepers." They recorded just about everything, from breif notes of how many cattle a farmer owned to long reports about the progress of work on a Pharoahs building sites. Scribes also copied out religious, scientific, and historical texts. "Servants of the Gods" are known to us as Preists. Preists had to purify themselves before entering any temple among the Egyptian lands. They chewed natron (a type of mineral collected from the edges of lakes) and breathed sweet-smelling incece fumes. They washed and cut their fingernails and toenails. Male preists had to shave off all of their body hair, including their eyebrows.




The Ancient Egyptian household was usually small and crowded. Ancient Egyptian household also included pets such as cats and dogs. The earliest homes in Egypt were small huts made of sticks and mud. Mud was a suitable building supply because it was cheap and there was plenty of it. It was also good because it hardly ever rained in Ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptian homes had windows set high up to keep the glare of the sun out. Windows back then also had shutters on them. Walls were made of plaster from limestone and were between fifteen and forty-nine inches thick. Doorways were made of stone with wooden lintels.



Egyptians farmed flax, wheat, Barley, and grapes along the banks of The Nile. Poor Egyptians ate mostly bread, vegetables, and fish. Rich Egyptians ate meat as well. The bread was made by either man or woman in a area of baking. The fish was cought by men in a boat. There are two boats that sail side by side with a net between the two boats. So they could catch fish for the people of Egypt to eat. The Vegetables were growin by farmers in Ancient Egypt.

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