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important dates

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3300 B.C - The sumerians developed form of writing based on pictographs( The Egyptians used symbols called hieroglyphics for the same purpose.

332 B.C -Alexander the great conquers Egypt.

3100 B.C - Upper and lower Egypt are united.

5000 B.C -The sumerians lived in the southern parts of Mesopotamin.

2700 B.C -The city of Uruk ruled 76 neighbouring villages.

5500 B.C- Farmers first settled in the Nile river.

2300 B.C- Government officals got jerlous of the pharaoh's power and took control of Egypt.

1750 B.C- Egypt was invaded by Hyksos people.

1600 B.C- an Egyptian prince named Ahmose drove Hyksos out of Egypt.

1370 B.C - A new pharaoh named Amenhotep IV came to the throne.

1150 B.C -Egypts Empire was gone

672 B.C. - Egyptian civalization continued to decline until Egypt was conqured by people called Assyrians.

1922 A.D -Howard Cater and George Herbert discovered Tutankhamen's tomb.

1800 A.D- French soldiers found an ancient slap.

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