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Homo Habilis

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Homo Habilis: "handy man"


Food and Tools

Homo Habilis' secret tool is a stone. They ate bugs, roots, and plants.they we're not hunters at first they we're scavengers but when they lernt how to hunt they began to rise on the food chain and they beganto be reconized by all the animals. they began to tame wild animals such as wolves and wild dogs and they we're becoming more intelegent and they we're able to make more stronger wepons such as a device to throw spears and rocks to kill so many more animals.



They had very very small brains. They made tools. They ate bones, they were hairy and only about 1.3 meaters tall, they weighed 90 pounds or less. They had strong jaws and big teeth.

The males are much bigger than the females.

They were at the bottom of the food chain.

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