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Home Life

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Houses in Egypt had to be suited for hot, dry weather. Wealthier houses were brightly decorated inside. They had painted walls brightly coloured pillars. The furniture inside was made out of wood. The whole house contained an upstairs, a downstairs, and a main floor. There was bathrooms, bedrooms, a living room, and guest rooms. The floors were covered with mats and the walls had wall hangings on them. There were beds in the bedrooms, the poor didn't have any beds because they slept on the floor on top of mats or they sometimes slept on benches covered with rugs or matting, chairs and stools in living areas, but most people sat on the floor on brightly coloured rugs.There were chests to store clothing, jewelry, sandals, and make-up. They made bread in an oven made out clay that was heated from wood and scrubs. They also roasted duck and other meat in the oven. Food and drinks were stored in pottery jars. Grain was stored in a jar with a wider neck and oil or wine jars had spouts. Dates and some vegetables like onions were stored in large baskets.

Rich houses were usually built in courtyards, which meant there was swimming pools and beautiful gardens that were watered from the water of the Nile River.They also had a private chapel in the courtyard.The houses were white washed to reflect the light off of the house so the houses were kept cool.The poor houses were made of sun-dried mud bricks and palm leaves.The rich houses were made of wood and mudd bricks.The mud bricks were made of mud and chopped straw.The bricks were dried in the sun.

The rich also had servants who looked at their house like a cook, a maid, a gardener and a nurse for their children.

The gods protected the houses.They had cats in their house who they worshiped.

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