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Food in the Middle Ages


Peasants Food


There were many different types of foods in the middle Ages, but not everyone ate the same things. Since the peasants were poorer than the nobles, they didn't get as good as food as them. The peasants usually ate things like bread, pottage, meat and lots of fruits and vegetables. To drink, they drank things like mead, ale and many different kinds of cider. Peasants made bread from the wheat that they grew in their fields. They would pay to use his mill with crops or animals that they raised. They had a small vegetable garden outside their house and grew crops. Peasants also classified their soup and porridge as 'pottage.' They added spices and herbs to their pottage to make it taste better. Peasants also drink ale, wine, and beer.


Nobles Food


The nobles had a large verity of food. Some of the food that they ate were expensive meats, cheeses, desserts, and tons more. There were very rich and they usually had peasants working for them. The nobles didn't eat fruits or vegetables unless it was in a dessert like pie. That made them have an unhealthy lifestyle, which could make them very sick.


Food in Feasts


The nobles had a lot of feasts, and they were very big. The nobles never cooked the food at the feasts. They got the peasants to, and it was a big job to do. For the feasts, they had very expensive meats, lots of rich wines, tons of desserts, and cheese. They had to have cheese in between the servings because cheese helps things digest faster, and then people won't get full too fast.


Rules for Feasts


Some of the rules that were in a feast were that you had to be nice to the guests or else they would leave; don't leave them thirsty and for them to have a good time with the entertainment. These were very important rules, because you would want people to think nicely of you. Feasts were a big part of the life in the middle ages. There would be a lot of work to be done. Some other rules were laid down for how people ate, their table manners, and where they sat. They used spoons and knifes for eating. They also used trenchers, which were things like plates except they were pieces of hard bread that would soak up the blood and liquids from the chicken, turkey, and other meats.


Food in the Castles


Sometimes in the middle Ages, castles kept honeybees. Honey was used to sweeten foods and drinks. Sometimes water was channeled straight to the kitchen. Larger castles had their own fishponds, orchards, and vineyards.


Rich and Poor People's Food


There were many different foods in the Middle Ages that both rich and poor people ate. There where parts of boars, roasted swans, roasted pheasants, roasted pigs, and roasted rabbits. Poor people ate carrots, onions, cabbage, garlic, cheese, and apples. Rich people ate pork, roast beef, stew, lamb chops, deer, and rabbit. Most of the foods were cooked over an open fire.

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