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Ancient Human Farming


The steps that the ancient humans did to farm were:


Step 1: In the warm, dry lands of the Middle East, wheat grew wild on the hills. People collected the grain of wheat as well as fruit and nuts to eat.

Step 2:They carried the wheat back to their camp and ground it between two stones to make flour. Some of the wheat probably fell on the ground and grew near their huts.

Step 3:The people noticed that the wheat plants grew from fallen seeds. They tried scattering seeds on land, which they cleared near their camp and waited for plants to grow.

Step 4:They collected the ripened wheat and had enough grain to last them for several months. They made tools, called sickles, for cutting the stalks of the wheat.



Neothlithic Times


The neolithic people had a big twist in life when they found out that they can farm on their own land. It changed their lives because they found out that they wouldn't have to move from one place to the next. They could feed more people because they had a bigger amount of stock of food. They would have a longer life span and less people would die. that means that they would build permanent homes. The children would help their mothers to gather food and farm.


☺FaNtAsTiC fArMiNg faCtS☺


-Sickle:the farmers' sickles were made from flakes or flint fixed in handles. The handles were made of wood or from

the jawbone or antlers of an animal.

-The first animals the anicent humans farmed were sheep, goats, pigs, and cattle. These animals became the first farm animals.

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