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Famous Romans

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Famous Romans


Gaius Marius

Gauis Marius was the man who made the most efficient fighting groups. He was Julius Caesar's uncle by marriage. He was the "third founder of Rome". He was born in 157 BC in an Italian countryside town called Arpinum, in southern Latium. In 110 B.C., Marius was able to arrange for a brilliant marriage with Julia, sister of the future Caesar's father, Gaius, and thus his future aunt. He was one of Rome's most famous generals. He saved Italy from the combined allied armies of the Cimbri and Teutones in 102-101 B.C.



Julius Caesar is no doubt the most famous Roman of them all! He became the Dictator of Rome in 46 B.C. The reason he became the Dictator of Rome was because he had won an election against Pompey. Pompey had died so therefore, Caesar was appointed governor of a Roman Province. He led many campaigns. In 58 BC he lead The Helvetic Campaign. In 57 B.C. he lead The Belgic Campaign. In 56 B.C. he lead The Venetic Campaign. In 55 B.C. he lead the German Campaign. Last but not least in 54 B.C. he lead the British Campaign. The sixty conspirators, led by Marcus Brutus, Gaius Longinus, Decimus Albinus, and Gaius Trebonius, came to the meeting. The came with daggers concealed in their togas. They struck Caesar at least twenty times as he stood at the base of Pompey's statue. That's how he died. It's because people thought he was getting to powerful and strong. Afterwards people started a huge riot and killed a couple of the people. That was for killing Caesar.



Gaius Octavius was Caesar's great nephew. Caesar adopted Gaius Octavius also known as Augustus or Octavain. After Caesar's assassination Octavain raised an army. Octavain and his rival Antony decided to split the land. Octavain the Western half and Antony the East half. While Antony was distracted by warfare Octavain under minded Antony in Rome. Octavain defeated Antony and became the sole ruler of Rome.


Remus and Romulus

Remus and Romulus were the twin sons of the god Mars and a Latin Princess. They were born around 800 B.C. Romulus and Remus together decided to build a city on Tiber River. Romulus made the cities boundaries using a plow, but after the new city was made they could not decide who should be the ruler of their new society. They decided to let the gods decide, so they each went on top of two different hills, and waited for a sign from the gods to see who should be the ruler. Twelve vultures flew over the Palatine hill, and since Romulus was the one standing on that hill, he was the King. Romulus and Remus then fought, and Remus died. Romulus decided to name his new society Rome.


Numa Pompuilius

Numa Pompuilius was the second King of Rome. He established Religious customs and practices. He introduced priests to Mars and Jupiter’s temples. He added two months onto the Roman calendar. January and February. He decided February to have either 29 or 30 days. He ruled Rome for about 43 years (715-676B.C.).



Nero was the madman of Rome; it is most likely that he is insane. He became powerful because his mother murdered his step-father emperor Claudius. During his rule much of Rome burnt down in the Great Fire of Rome. Helpless to stop the fire, he is supposed to have sung as he watched Rome burn. After this he built himself a magnificent palace on some of the land cleared by the fire. Rumors say that he had started the fire himself, he blamed the Christians for it, and then had many captured and thrown to the lions in the circus.


Constantine the Great

Constantine the great was the first Christian emperor of the Roman empire. He defeated all the other would-be emperors and re-united the empire, which had been divided between many rulers. He was born on February 27, 272 A.D. His father was a military officer and his name was Constantius. His mother's name was Helena.


Trajan (The kind-hearted Soldier)

Trajan is one of Rome's most outstanding emperors. Under his rule the empire reached its largest extent. He famously conquered the rich kingdom of Dacia north of the Danube. Trajan was one of the greatest soldiers among the emperors.


Justinian (The last 'Great' Emperor)

Under the rule of Justinian, the eastern empire enjoyed a last flowering. His great generals Belisarius and Narses reconquered many parts of the empire, including the city of Rome itself.

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