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Famous Lords and Nobles

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Lords And Nobles


Famous Lords And Nobles


Some famous lords of the Middle Ages were King Richard The Second, King Edward The First, King Louis The Seventh Of France, and King Philip Of Spain. The kings of the Middle Ages did not rule for long because some were murdered, got sick, and died of being sick (health care was not good in the Middle Ages). Almost all kings had at least more than one wife, due to the death of other wives. Many of the kings children were famous people such as King Edward also know as Long shanks, one of his kids was Joan of acre.


Where Did Kings Live?


All kings lived in castles, and in their castle, they felt safe and strong. It took a long time for people to build a castle. A king owned a manor: a manor was a large piece of land that could be used for farming. A lord could give a knight a manor if they proved themselves. Peasants and surfs worked in the manor, and that is how some of them paid their king.


Who Served The King?


The king was a powerful role in the Middle Ages; they ruled over their land and their people. Knights were nobles who trained at the age of seven until they were seventeen. If they were proven strong and loyal, the king knighted them with a ceremony called "dubbing." Peasants and surfs served the king and their main job was to work in the field to grow crops for the king.


How Did You Become A King?


To become a king, you had to be born in a certain family. You would have to be a child of the king to become one, and you had to be blood related to the king.

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