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Engineering and Technology

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Engineering and Technology


In Ancient Rome the people made aquaducts, bridges, and amphitheaters. The machines that they'd made were cranes, water mills, grain mills, and water pumps. Their roads had four layers, the top layer was pavement, the second layer was the nucleus, the third layer was the rudest, and the bottom layer was statesmen. The army built wooden bridges. Etruscans built arch bridges made of stone.

Romans used many different materials to build things. The most important building material was stone. Many things were built with nothing but dry stone. In Rome, strong mortar was called pozzolana. They thought it was sand but it was ash from prehistoric volcano eruptions. The Romans preferred to build with bricks and mortar. Romans were the people who invented concrete. Builders also used limestone burnt in a kiln to build things.



Roman Structures


Before building a road in ancient Rome, surveyors planned the road and they would aim at high points on the landscape. The roads had four layers. To this day the roads are still there. The buildings that they made back then people now still use the same type of buildings. They made walls to keep them safe from all of the bad people and armies. The walls were very thick and were also very sturdy. They made the buildings out of bricks. All of the buildings were big and sturdy.

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