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The Roman Empire

As the Roman empire expanded, trade became a very important part of Rome. Rome became a major trading center. At the port of Puteoli, on the Bay of Naples, and later at the Roman port of Ostia, goods were unloaded from ships that had traveled from the far corners of the empire. Goods that were traded were exotic foods, materials and crafts. All of the goods were held in large quantities in large warehouses.

Rome exported very few goods and imported lots so they paid for all these goods with the taxes that they collected from their provinces. Soon these taxes became too much for many people and a gap began to form between poor and rich. In about 50 b.c some of the poor people began to sell themselves as slaves or rebelled against the abuses of the wealthy.

The Roman trade routes covered the Mediterranean, and Black Sea and several roads. The main places they traded with were Spain, France, the Middle East and North Africa. From these places they traded beef, corn, glassware, iron, lead, leather, marble, olive oil, perfumes, purple dye, silk, silver, spices, timber, tin and wine. From Britain they got lead, woolen products and tin. In return Rome exported wine, olive oil, pottery and papyrus to Britain.

Merchants made their money by buying and selling things from foods to jewelery and perfume. To transport things was expensive, so only luxuries would be imported from countries.


How much money people made for a job

Job - Denari / month

Secretary - 15

Lecturer - 12

Messengers - 9

Haruspex (fortune teller) - 10

Legionary Soldier (Private) - 20

Praetorian (guard in Rome) - 60

Legionary Soldier (Centurion) - 300

How much money was made where

Location - Price / As

Rome - up to 32

provincial Italy - 16

Africa - 9 to 16

Asia minor - 8 to 16

Palestine - 10 to 12

Egypt (bread baskets) - 7 to 9


Common Jobs in Ancient Rome

There were a lot of jobs in Rome. People would work on farms and they would keep it for themselves and if they had extras, they would sell it. There were a lot of people that worked in industries to make money or people would go into manufacturing. A very important job was mining, it provided stone for buildings and metal for their weapons.

People did a lot of trade in Rome. They would go across the sea and across the country to trade grains, food, supplies and some times slaves and much much more.


Roman Coins

They used silver, gold and sometimes bronze coins for the trade of goods. How much the coin was worth was based on the amount of precious metal that was in it. A much larger bronze coin was equal to the same amount as a much smaller silver coin. The coins had a picture of the emperor on one side and on the opposite side there would be a message that would mention the accomplishments of the emperor. Some coins wrote of the victories at war and others mentioned the creation of a new structure. Most of the coins used symbols telling of happiness or showed of things that were going well in the Empire and emperor. The coins were used as a form of showing other people something but really turning them against there own kind of to join them because the coins were easy to reproduce and distribute.

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