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Paleolithic people


People were food gatherers and hunters at first. The people who gathered food would follow animals since animals were smarter than them. They would live on meat, roots, nuts, berries, and other plants. The Paleolithic poeople would break the dead animals bones and eat the marrow out of them. Which was very rich in vitamins. They would use the the sharp

end of the sticks to dig up roots and bugs from the ground. They also chipped rocks to make them pointy to scrape meat

off of the dead animals, they would aslo break open the bones. These people moved around lots to find food.


Mesolithic people


Mesolithic people were a bit more today. They would harvest wild wheat and barley. They would also have a good supply of food so they did not have to move around so much looking for food like the Paleolithic people. The mesolithic developed new tools like scythe to harvest their grains. Some started to hunt less and less while others continued hunting to this very day. Since farming the popululation increased and people statred to settle in one place which got a communtiy started.

The mesolithic people made and travelled in dug out canoes that were made by trees.

The mesolithic people discovered fire! The Mesolithic people, they invented newer toold like sickles for grain, stones, pots and looms. They started to tend looms and animals. They started to save their seeds.



Neolithic people


Some, Neolithic people started to farm while others still hunted. They Neolithic people became food producers. Like

Lucy: Where she was found and When

Lucy was found by Donald Johanson and Tom Gray on November 24th 1974. At the site of Hadar in Ethiopia. Johanson he found the skull bone, then a femur, some ribs, a pelvis and went back a few weeks later and discovered huundreds of little fragments of a body. Lucy got named after a Beatles song 'Lucy in the sky with diamonds'.

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