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Early Human Weapons

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Homo Habilis


Made stone tools and weapons,the weapons were pretty basic. Homo Habilis secret weapon is a stone tool. Crude stone implement used to smash animal bones and extract the bone marrow.Stone tools were the first tools made Homo Habilis is called "Handy Man" because of the evidence of tools found with it's remains.They craft stone tools. The weapons they used were animal bones and stone tools. Tools were basiclly for scavenging.


Homo Erectus


Weapons were stone axes and knives. Their tools helped them understand how they lived, were they went and how they got there. Hand axes, shaped edge flakes, wooden tools and weapons were used by the homo erectus. They traded their weapons for other goods later on.




Bows and arrows appear later. Cro- Magnon men had learned to be a skilled tool maker. Most of the tools that they made had handles that we're made out of animal bones and wood.almost all of the tools that they made had sharp points with sharp edeges

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