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Early Human Tools and Weapons

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Tools and Weapons


Homo Habilis Tools and Weapons


Homo habilis was called the "handy man" because of the discoverment of their tools. The first all-purpose tool was the fist-hatchet. One end of the fist hatchet was for cutting trees, plants andimals etc and the other end was for holding onto. Homo habilis' tools were pretty basic.


Homo Erectus Tools and Weapons

Weapons included stone axes, knives, spears, harpoons, wooden bows, and sharp stone tipped arrows when hunting became increasingly important to obtain food. They used pointed sticks, pots, looms, and scythes. Pointed sticks were used for digging roots, pieces of rock with the edges sharpened were used for cutting meat and scraping skins. Scythes were used for cutting grain, pots for storing food, and chisels, scrapers, needles, and knives.They made spears by attaching blades to long sticks. Then they developed spear throwers that allowed them to kill animals at a great distance. This made it safer for them. Weapons made of animal bones and stones, used mostly for scavaging. Homo Erectus weapons were stone axes and knives.


Cro-Magon Men Tools and Weapons

Cro magon men was one of the more skillful tool makers. Some of their weapons were traded for art. Their secret tools were stone weapons they used them to crack open bones and get the bone marrow. Their tools now help us to understnd how they lived, where they went and how they got there.

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