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Early Human Hunters and Gatherers

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Hunters were usually men. Hunters were always on the move following herds until they discovered that they can make the herds go where they want them to. Hunters used the tools and weapons that they made themselves to hunt. They learnred to organize their own hunts. They used a trap called a pitfall that was basically a big whole covered in grass, twigs, ect. Hunting was done both individually and in groups. Even after the development of agriculture, some hunters continued to hunt because it was their way of life and they liked it the way it was. They didn't see the point in changing the way that they lived. Although they didn't want to change the way that they lived, some people were forced to, because the people that grew crops moved into their hunting space and drove the animals away. The farmers didn't mean to do this but it made the hunters have to change the way that they lived extremely.

People who gathered fruit, berries, roots, nuts ect. were usually women. They were usually on the move following plants. Agriculture moved in and changed the lives of many gatherers, but some stayed the way they were, because they liked it and it was the way they lived their life. Population was increased and there were not enough plants for all of the people to pick, so this changed the way many people lived. If the enviroment didn't have enough food to supply, the women couldn't gather the food it had left, because it was so hard to get to.

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