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Early Human Food

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Food and Diet


At first the anicent humans were food gatherers. Then they discovered farming, they became food producers. The Early Humans had a different way of getting food. They would use their hand-made tools to break open bones and eat the marrow inside. The ancient men also fished for food. Sometimes they fished from a flat rock. They would lay on the rock and dangle their hands in the water. When a fish came close, they would reach out and grab it. Cro-Magnon man ate a variety of seeds, berries, roots, and nuts. They ate fish as well. They ate fish and ants as well.They could not manufacture vitamin C. They used stones as tools to open skulls and bones for brain and marrowfat. They would eat leopards prey that was in the trees. Insects and bird eggs were avalible to them. O blood group is the most common and ancient, therefore, they should avoid dairy and wheat products. They started drinking milk 4000 B.C. Fish could give certain people allergies. Some people just didn't like the taste and texture of fish.



Seasonal Changes


They altered their diet according to seasonal and other changes to survive. They get all the soft fruit they want during the wet season. They stored food for the winter.

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