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Cro-Magnon Cave Paintings


Cro-Magnon man painted marvelous and astonishing paintings on rock walls. Most cave paintings focused on hunters and animals. They used natural colours. They were made of mineral pigments, such as iron oxide (red ochre) or black manganese. They drew stick figures for people, but their animals were very well drawn, and usually filled in with natural colours to them more shape and substance. The paintings were hidden deep within the darkest portions of the caves. They also stenciled handprints by their cave paintings, but not all cave paintings had handprints stenciled by their cave paintings. Was this to say I made this? The paintings might have had something to do with their religion. The existance of cave paintings was discovered accidently. They were discovered by kids who stumbled across the entrance of a cave that had been hidden by the roots of a tree.


Cro-Magnon Tools and Weapons


Weapons included stone axes, knives, spears, harpoons, wooden bows, and sharp stone tipped arrows when hunting became increasingly important to obtain food. Round nodules can be split and chipped to form an extremly sharp edge. They used pointed sticks, pots, looms, and scythes. Pointed sticks were used for digging roots, pieces of rock with the edges sharpened were used for cutting meat and scraping skins, pots for storing food, scythes for cutting grain, and looms for weaving. Cro-Magnon man made chisels, scrapers, needles, and knives. They made spears by attaching blades to long sticks. Then they developed spear throwers that allowed them to catch animals at a great distance. This made it safer for them.


Cro-Magnon Food and Diet

Cro-Magnon man ate a variety of seeds, berries, roots, and nuts. They ate fish as well. They stored food for the winter. They altered their diet according to sasonal and other challenges to survive. They got all the soft fruit they wanted during the wet season. They also ate ants. They could not manufacture vitamin C. They used stones as tools to open skulls and bones for brain and marrowfat. They would eat leopard's prey that was left in the trees. Insects and bird eggs were avalible. O blood group was the most common and ancient, therefore, they should have avoided dairy and wheat products. They started drinking milk around 4000 B.C. Fish could give certain people allergies. Some people just didn't like the taste and texture of fish.


Cro-Magnon's Shelter and Homes

caves provided excellent shelter. They built permanent homes for shelter when winter came.

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