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Country and Farming Life in Ancient Egypt

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About three thousand years ago farming was a popular occupation. Thousands of Egyptians were farmers. Most of the people who farmed, farmed because they were illiterate.

The farmers lived out in the country with houses made out of mud-brick, and the very few possessions that they owned. Farming has really help Ancient Egypt, because the farmers were able to constantly grow enough food, to feed Egypt's great population. Egyptians valued and respected, and the farmers families.

The most important thing that farmers need to farm was fertile land. Farmers needed fertile land for much more. They always had to make sure that they had fertile land because it was healthy for the animals. they also needed it to grow crops.

Farming was divided into three which consisted of four months. One season was flood season. The flood season was when the Nile River would flood over in mid-June. The second season was when all of the crops would start to grow while the water was drying up. (Farmers would build pyramids while the flood was drying). The third season was harvesting season. When the fourth month was up, all the crops that weren't ready to be harvested were dug up and fed to the animals. Some years the animals got a real treat.

Farmers were responsible for raising animals. Egyptians thought the most important animal was the cow. They ecspecially loved the cow becasue not only did it make their farming job easier, it also was a great source of milk and meat. Sheep and goats also were important because thye provided wool and hides. pigs were raised and kept for meat. The longer the pig was rasied the more it got bigger and the more meat it got. Not all but, some farmers raised ducks and birds etc. for poultry.

The Egyptians used marshland plants to make baskets, sandals, boats, and even paper. The plant they used was a papyrus.

At the end of the season they divided up their crop and decided how much went to the pharaoh and how much they kept for seed and food. They grewflax, wheat, barley, and grapes. They mde cerial out of the emmer and barley that they had.

The farmers made their houses out of mud-brick and the roof out or sticks and hay, They wernt very rich but they made those houses for shelter.

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