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Connections to Modern Society

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Connections to Modern Society


These days we have housing like the Romans. We have apartments and they did. We also have housing. We have plumbing in the houses and apartments like they did. We also have running water like they did. Houses had small windowpanes and we have windows know. They decorated their floors. We do too but with other things like carpets and tiles or hardwood floors.



We have education like they did. We all go to school. The only thing different is when you turned twelve poor boys worked on farms then rich boys went to school to learn grammar and writing etc. These days you go to school for about 13 years unless you fail then it'll be more. We also have grades that they probably never had. It doesn't matter if you’re poor or rich either way you go to school. Also, all the subjects are in the same school. Rich girls at age 12 got lessons at home. Poor girls either work in or own small shops. Wealthy women have slaves to do their work so they can study the arts, literature and fashion.



We still have the same government as the Romans. We vote for our Prime Minister. Like they go to vote for their government. We also have different people assigned to take care of different things like in the Roman Empire. We have judges and Ancient Rome did too. Our laws a written down and same with theirs. Except we have many more laws then they do.



The name Nike is used for clothing and shoes. Hercules is a type of plane. Venus, Mars, Uranus and Saturn are planets. Mercurius is really close to the planet named Mercury. Neptunus is close to our planet called Neptune. Apollo is a spaceship. Augustus is where our month August came from. Julius is where our month July came from. Our month January was named after Janus. February was named after Februalia. It was a time period when sacrifices were made to make amends for sins. March came from the God Mars. June was named after the Goddess Juno. Cupid was a god that represented Erotic attraction. That's where we get cupids from on Valentines Day. Also, cupids supposedly "set people up".



For transportation we still walk like Romans did very often. We also have wheels, but we use them differently. Wheels are used to transport humans to different places. Instead, we use cars with four wheels for transportation. Or we use bikes with 2,3 or 4 wheels on them. When we are little we also get pulled around in wagons from our parents. We don't use horses to pull carriages instead our vehicles are motorized. We still can use horses and wagons for transportation still though. We use them on farms though you don't ever see them on the streets. Oh we also have roads like the Romans do except ours have gotten better over the years.



Most of our entertainment resembles the Coliseum. Like the hockey arena or football stadium they are all circle/oval shaped. They made sewers to take away sewage and aqueducts to carry fresh water. Now we have sewers to carry away our sewage and pipes to give us fresh water. The only difference was that the aqueducts were on top of the ground and now our pipes are underground.We also have some of their ideas in our architecture today because we still use huge collems on our builtings and we still have pretty much the same structure of our housing as they did.



Rome’s land was fertilized which gave us the idea to fertilize our land and get plants and grass to grow. In Rome they used to grow their food and then send it to markets to be sold which gives us the idea to grow our food and send it out to stores. The Romans started crop rotation, changing the crops that you go each year so they suck out different thing from the soil, today we still use this pattern of farming. Romans made a geometric system to plan where they would be going to plant their crops. So today we decide where we want to plant our crops.

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