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Characteristics of Ancient peoples

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Some early humans were hunched over just like monkeys are like now, such as the Homo Habilis. Later on they started to stand upright, these people were the Homo Erectus. Now, people like me and you people stand upright alsobut, with the exception of some people that stand with a hunch.They were also very hairy.Some of them looked like they were starving and some looked big and buff.


Homo Habilis "handy man"


Homo habilis have flatter faces than us. Their arms are the same as ours but their head is 630ml and that is different then ours today! their back teeth are very small that is different then ours today Hacing their lower jaw and their forehead rises. The homo habilis doesn't have a eyebrow bone and has intents in the skull. Their arms are extremely long and ours are not as long. They have a 5 cm wide chin, a 5 cm length wise skull. Their skull is similar size to the skull of cro-magnons. They have a smaller brain than cro-magnons and surprisingly different shape of cranium. Their brain is more humanlike then apelike. Their upper jaw and facial features are unlike other humans. Their braincase is more rounded and gracile than any other ape. The homo habilis was very short and they had a hunched back. They also had a big skull. They were very hairy.



Homo Erectus "upright man"-


Their head is 800-1100 ml which is a bit bigger then ours. Their forehead is sloped foreward and ours is flatter then theirs, they have a big brow ridge while others are smaller. They have extremely large nostrels and a large face. They may have a movable ball on their head. They have a thick brain that helps them find food and learn. They also may have a bulge at the back of their skull. The homo-erectus was early recognized or modern humans. Their jaw is 5 cm wide and their skull is 5cm in length. They are in similar size to humans. They had a big head and a small brain. Their brain is 1/3 of ours.


Homo Sapiens "modern man"-


Their head is 1400ml which is quite larger then all the other ones. They also have a straight up forheadand round brain which is also like ours today. they have a thiner skull then all the other homos. They have a small Brow ridge, small front teeth and also a very delicate skeleton. They were taller than caveman and also had a smaller chest the the neanderthals.

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