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In my topic castles I will be talking about how they built the castles, foods in a castle both rich and poor, how the people in the castles attack their enemies, how the people in the castle will defend it from the enemies, and parts of a castle. I hope you will like my topic.


How They Built Castles in the Middle Ages


They first had to find a high hill so they could see all around the castles so if people came they could see them and attack them. They also have to find a river around the hill too for protection. Then the diggers would dig a ditch around where the perimeter of the walls would be. The carpenters then would put up a good wooden fence so enemies could not come in. Then they made a design for what would be in the middle of the castle. They used pulleys for lifting the stuff up. For the walls they used stone and cement. In some of the buildings they would put houses, blacksmith houses, stables, and other buildings in the castles. They mostly used stone and cement for all of the other buildings too. In the middle of the castle there was a place called the inner ward. Around the inner ward was the outer ward. They were used for protection. On all of the corners of the walls there were towers to make it possible to see if there were any people coming to attack. For an opening there were drawbridges, gates, and there was bridges called a gatehouse. To make a good castle it took about ten years. Some of the people that had jobs were carpenters that made walls and houses, blacksmiths made armour and weapons, the diggers dug holes, the soldiers fought in wars, archers shot arrows, and lumberjacks cut trees for wood. Finally the tools they used were pickaxe for digging, sledge hammers for breaking stones, hammers for jamming stuff in places, stone cutting saws for cutting stones, shovels for digging holes, and frame saws to cut stuff.


Food in Castles


There were many different foods back in Middle Ages that both rich people and poor people ate.

This is what both rich and poor people ate. There where parts of bores, roasted swans, roasted pheasants, roasted pigs, and roasted rabbits. Poor people ate carrots, onions, cabbage, garlic, cheese, and apples. Rich people ate pork, roast beef, stew, lamb chops, deer, and rabbit. Most of the foods were cooked over an open fire.


How People in Castles Attacked Their Enemies


Sometimes people in a castle lit big balls of hay on fire and pushed them at their enemies. They used arrows to shoot at people from a far away distance. They would also send soldiers with swords and shields to attack their enemies. They would send people on horses to attacks their enemies. Some knights might even use a jousting pole to hit their enemy. They could also use spears or axes to hit people with. If there were a large number of people they would use catapults to shoot big rocks or dead diseased people. They would use a trebuchet to hit their enemies with big rocks. Trebuchets are like catapults but bigger. Sometimes the people in the castles would set people on fire. They would poor hot water on the people near by the castle walls. They also used murder holes to kill their enemies. A murder hole is a place between the gate and the portcullis. Arrow loops were also used to kill the enemies. Finally an arrow loop is the space between the bricks for the archers to attack.


How Castles Were Defended From Enemies


Most castles had walls put up walls all around them. Around the walls of a castle it had a moat. The moat was full of water, sharp objects, and very soft mud so enemies can't get through. To get in a castle there were drawbridges that went over the moat. Across the drawbridge there was a gate to get through to get the castle, called the portcullis. People would shoot arrows through the arrow loops to get to people from a far ways away. Some of the castles even had a barrier of people around the castle walls. Here are some of the parts of a castle that they used to defend the castle.

There were Ashlars that were used on the outer part of the walls. That is the smooth part so enemies can't climb the walls.

The allure is the walkway at the top of the castle walls for archers to shoot down at the enemies.

The machicolation is a stone chute in the wall for missiles to drop down and kill their enemies nearby.


What was In the Castles?


In the castles, there were many things. There was enough room for the noble, his family and the people who worked in the castle. There was a kitchen and an entering room. There would also be an entreating room for when there were feasts and guests came over. Another room in the castle would be the dinning room. This room had to be big for the feasts. There would be a few bathrooms. There wouldn't only be one because there was so many people living there. Castles were very big.


What were Castles used for?


Castles were used for protecting the king, or lord, and there family from invasions agenst there enemys. Castles were mainly used for homes for the kings and there familys. Sometimes enemeys got into the castle so the kings had to think of a differnt way to stop them. One day, the King got an idea that he should put water around the castle. after that day most castles have what we call motes.




In conclusion I hope you liked my topic all about castles.

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