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Artifacts are basicly anything that archeologists find. An example of an artifact is Lucy. Lucy is a skeleton of a Hominid. She was found at the site of Hadar in Ethiopia, by Donald Johanson and Tom Gray in year 1974. Lucy was a full grown adult when she dies and right now she is about 3.8 million years old. Lucy got her name from "The Beatles" song, "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds".

Another artifact of ancient people is a harpoon. Harpoons are a tool that cro-magnon people made out of rocks. They hit one rock with another to get the shape that they wanted. Harpoons had a long handle with a bowl shaped stone at the end. They were often used for fishing. Harpoons made life a lot easier for cro-magnon people because they made fishing a lot easier and fish were a very important part on their diet.

Another artifact of ancient people is their cave paintings. The paint that ancient people used for cave painting are all natural colours. They are made from mineral pigments/charcoals, iron oxide (red ochre) and black maganese. Most of the cave paintings were either stick people, animals or stencils of thier hands. Sometimes the cave paintings were even shaded in. Some of the paintings were in places that are so hard to get to that you have to crawl on your stomach to get to them.

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